Eon Evil! Robert Rodriguez’s Predators first draft script!


Robert Rodriguez’s 2010 Predators had a much angle than in 1996 when Rodriguez wrote the first draft that was much more a sequel to the first movie than a stand-a-lone movie. Did you know that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character “Dutch” headlines this Predator sequel? But where Dutch makes a reappearance, the story itself is fairly grand, outlandish, and corky – in some scenes.

The story has a badass team of human military bounty hunters in Predator gear to hunt down Dutch and take him to an intergalactic prison planet called Arkus 6 before heading home. Upon landing, the group stumbles into a Predator meat grinder with a deep dark secret that leaves the soldiers expendable and vulnerable against the ultimate race of warriors.

I have to say that I’m not the biggest fan of Robert Rodriguez. His movies are rad riddled with great characters and awesome action sequences, but his dialogue just doesn’t do it for me. This is why I think From Dusk till Dawn is amazing because Taratino penned it and Rodriguez directed and turned out amazing. However, check out the below and this scenario just doesn’t mesh well as far as creating a feasible, more realistic scene.

It’s tilled with a few PREDATOR SHIPS but mostly OTHER SPACECRAFT.
Possibly ships belonging to other alien spedes captured on the planet…
What they are looking at though is even more recognizable.
In the middle of the hangar is THEIR SHIP. The cargo door is open and it’s
being loaded up. Loaded up full with PREDATOR GEAR, WEAPONS,
The LOADERS are HUMAN; they must be the prisoners. Only that on doser
inspection you can see that the humans are MODIFIED. Beside the lifeless
/*•*>> haunted eyes suggesting brain tampering, their bodies are ALTERED.
The ones loading the ships for instance have the arms of the MANTIS! Their
arms are fashioned into forklift shapes, which allow them to lift the goods

But then there are scenes that stand out with spectacular glory which in the Predator world is quite fitting.

The Predator raises his arms, his forearm still streaming that fluorescent
blood, in a gesture of VICTORY.
Hardwick takes a deep breath and leaps up from the ground. She lunges her
weapon at the Predators midsection with the sharp end, running him
through to the hilt of the blade. The Predator lashes out with his arms at
Hardwick. making a wild cry of PAIN.
Hardwick turns the blade around inside the Predator’s guts with her one
good arm.
The Predator tries his last ditch effort by training his SHOULDER MOUNT
GUN at Hardwick s face. She looks pissed he even tried such nonsense and
presses her foot against the SIDE of the barrel, shoving sideways so it now
AIMS at the Pre

We can absolutely vision this sequence and seeing the Predator head explode into mush. The script barely resembles anything like what you see in today’s Predators film. The Predator tied against a makeshift stockade is the sole similarity, but Dutch, the bad ass marines, the conspiracy plot, etc., just doesn’t make the cut and thats a good thing because today’s film is way better in my opinion – worthy to be titled a Predator movie.

Read the entire script here and see how the first draft could have been a reality.

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