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I’ve never been close to those who work for FEARnet, but I have always considered myself a colleague of theirs and visa-versa. And with the news that FEARnet will be closing up shop and no longer contributing to the horror community comes at a complete shock. The story goes that Comcast NBCUniversal bought out FEARnet in April of this year and since NBCUniversal already owns the rights to Syfy and Chiller TV channels, FEARnet was seen as a waste of redundant space.

Six years. That is how long FEARnet has brought horror to your computer and to your television. All the hard work from the employees and the contributors, most of whom have been laid off, is not for naught as we will continue to reminisce about each remarkable story that has been written about our favorite horror movies and icons.

Farewell FEARnet. You’re grave is waiting…RIP July 30th.

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