It’s Bloggin’ Evil Seeking Part-time Writers for Online Screeners!


Love to write? Love horror/exploitation/Sci-Fi movies? Especially B- or C- horror movies? Then, you’re in luck! It’s Bloggin’ Evil is in need of writers, no pressure part time writers, for online screeners.

The criteria for this position is as followed:
– Must be able to set aside a couple of hours to watch a movie (usually between 60 to 120 minutes) and set some time (pending on your writing skills, techniques, and interpretation of events) to write a review.
– Must be connected to the internet and able to stream movies through Vimeo, Youtube, etc.
– Able to write a 500+ word thoughtful and intelligent unbiased critique of each film screened.
– Must be able to download the film’s stock images or capture your own (or make gifs) to add a visual to the review.
***Bonus*** If you wish to post more content that is not provided by It’s Bloggin’ Evil, but relates to the content, we can do that too!

Again, this is solely a part time gig and content will trickle to you so this position won’t take up all your time. Also, did I mention there is no pay? Yeah, I’m shelling out my own money to run this site and companies/individuals are gracious enough to provide me screeners of their films, but, hey, in this volunteer service, you get access to a few upcoming releases that might not have yet to hit retail shelves or even Stateside for that matter.

Just shoot me an e-mail or message me on twitter @itsblogginevil to apply!

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