Where’s the hunt for evil? Death Hunter: Werewolves vs Vampires review!

As seductively epic does the title Death Hunter:  Werewolves vs Vampires sounds, the funds for such a grand title don’t support it.  Werewolves and vampires have been the subject of folklore for more than century and to have the two be in the same production needs the backing of the money.  The Underworld trilogy gained much of it’s success and popularity through dollar signs and it’s stardom in the beautifully femme fatale of Kate Beckinsale.  Death Hunter has none of the above, leaving most of it’s special effects to the wolves and creativity helpless to the imagination of it’s audiences.

While lost deep with in the desert, John Croix and his wife Maria stumble upon a den of blood thirsty vampires; the master vampire takes his wife but leaves John to die in the desert and that’s not all.  Werewolves roam the night when the full moon is out; John becomes the victim of a werewolf bite, but he is rescued by a fellow survivor Van Ness who helps John beat his canine physical transformation yet keep all the lycanthrope abilities.  A few months training with Van Ness has John ready for his exact revenge on the vampire clan that stole his wife from him.

Where to start with the problems of Death Hunter?  The plot is where I want to begin with it’s patchwork script and shoddy dialogue.  Explanation of the desert darkness and it’s inhabitants display the amateurish writing because these creatures just somehow roamed this area for quite some time (300 years had one individual been a vampire) and the fool heartily dynamics between werewolf, vampire and human are as scary and as serious as a bird dropping a load on your freshly waxed car.  Random, no-need characters show up half way through the film and their presence serves no growth to the story; they’re just there to be there.

Understanding going into Death Hunter being a no to low budget film, the animated werewolf reminded me much of Fred Olen Rey’s Evil Toons, with the demon cartoon; with a goofy grin and large eyes, the wolf scene is repeated over and over in at least two scenes because of budget constraints.  In fact, the demon from Evil Toons look more realistic.  Also, the amount of computer generated matting looked like a homemade, Fireworks creation made for YouTube.  You may feel like you’re playing old school DOOM while watching Death Hunter, just a warning.  The rest of the post editing special effects will have you rolling with laughter and disbelief.  Editing jumps you around is you can teleport too so expect to be baffled from jumping to three location in three consecutive scenes.

The moral of this story is if you’re going to have an epic titular film entitled Death Hunter:  Werewolves vs Vampires and make it similar to a mixture between From Dusk Till Dawn meets Underworld, than a big time producer and A-list stars have be involved.  A great script wouldn’t hurt either.  Death Hunter can be fun to watch on a week night, with nothing to do and being drunk as a skunk, but don’t go into it expecting to come out with more than half you’re intelligence still intact.

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