Don’t Push Evil or Evil Will Push Back! The Invoking review!

Adopted child Samantha Harris, now an adult woman, learns that her biological parents left her their family home and takes three friends on a trip to discover what she lost early in life. When they arrive, everything begins to go down hill as Samantha experiences realistic visions that compromises her reality and pits her agains’t her friends.

Talk about your micro budget horror! The Invoking is a prime example on how a film gets made on an estimated $11,000. That kind of money can’t even buy you a brand new car, yet you can make full-length feature film as director, screenwriter, cinematographer, and producer Jeremy Berg has proved. You just have to do everything yourself, pretty much. Accompanied with a few talented actors and actresses and you might just be able to pull off a good, low-budget horror film. Now, that begs the question, is The Invoking a good horror thriller?

In a word – watchable. The Invoking’s story lacks connectivity between the home’s caretaker, the home, and lead character Samantha. The girth of the whole movie lies hard on the story and much like a TV with a loose cable connectivity all you receive is visible static. This doesn’t necessarily mean Berg’s The Invoking is the worst film ever made as their are good highlights. For example, Samantha’s embarkment into madness with her visions are stimulating and creative.
The film’s title has multiple meanings as the supernatural grounds push the bond between the friends, the friends also push the bonds between each other as well. And we don’t know if the house is under the spell of supernatural forces either, but perhaps – just perhaps – Samantha actually has a psychotic episode as she slowly remembers, as painful as they were, her nightmare that was her childhood.
Don’t expect a big, on the edge of your seat, intense thriller, but The Invoking could work very well on stage with actors like Trin Miller, Andi Norris, Josh Truax, Brandon Anthony, and D’Angelo Midili. Not a bad freshman film for Jeremy Berg either as the man has talent in all the fields he worked on on The Invoking. Check out the DVD hitting retail shelves and online on May 12th from RLJ Entertainment!

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