This Evil Knows No Super Hero Action. The Rise of the Black Bat review!


The thing about the recent DC Universe or Marvel super hero movies is that they’re full of action. Bombarded with punches to the face, super human powers, and loads of soaring, gliding, and cloaking, super hero movies can get the blood pumping and sear entertainment into your soul and off the charts. The makings of an unlimited budget, mega-Hollywood superhero action movie hit relies on these qualities. So what about the independent forum? Sure, some fair well with “Super” with Rainn Wilson comes to mind. Then their is ultra-low budget and this is where the super hero movie flounders without mercy on it’s audience.
“Rise of the Black Bat” follows the fallen district attorney Tony Quinn after being blinded by acid from a notorious city gangster Oliver Snate. When numerous surgeries fail to restore Tony’s sight, he turns to more radical procedures. One of those procedures turns his sight into fully functional night vision and thus his vigilantism begins against his nemesis Snate.
I had great hopes for “The Rise of the Black Bat” from director Scott Patrick. The expectation was high for action and violence in what was hoped to be a “Punisher” type movie. However, the Black Bat isn’t that black. My first sign that my grand hopes have been let down was the amount of talking. The power of speech, not the great and grand speech, but the vast diarrhea of the mouth can ruin any action film that involves more talking with your feet, legs, and fists.
Secondly, the editing is painstakingly dreadful. Why use slow motion on almost every pointless scene? That’s not how slow motion works. Use slow motion to specially focus on the action and not the D.A. conversing with the D.A.’s secretary. The scenes are also repeated to create some sort of dramatic effect which creates more of a dull waste of film.

Lastly, the gun fights are a joke. Both the villains and the Black Bat are horrible shots. The fights last about 10 minutes a peace and the characters stay in the same place the entire scene. Pow-Pow. Bang-Bang. Miss, miss, miss, miss, miss, miss, and miss with no real movement. The amount of intensity the audience is suppose to feel in these particular scenes are nullified and depressing.
Overall, The Rise of the Black Bat is not a great action, super-vigilante movie and is no where near even being a so-so action, super-vigilante movie. What it comes down to is that the bare bones of basic hero movie necessities are not displayed. Instead, they are rather hidden behind a great looking DVD cover. I’d suggest not picking this one up and don’t give up your time to get let down.

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