Evil Loves this MK Mousepad!

I’m a long time Mortal Kombat fan, ever since the original MK was released on the Genesis – yes – the Genesis for you 13, 14, 15, 16 year olds. Sub-Zero all the way! And by the way, this post is not definitely not for those age ranges. The character Princess Kitana always had an appeal whether the appeal was her Japanese steel fans or her massive sex appeal with her scantily clad outfit. But if you’re just a big fan of Kitana, than this will certainly appeal more to her sexual side as we’re introduced to a 3-D mousepad of the Princess.

What makes it 3-D you ask? We’ll her Princess rack, duh! Her weapons are popping up so you can comfortably rest your wrist right on top or in between them. I’m sure there will be users who will do more to this product than I’m will to share here in my post. But check this baby out because the product, despite it’s sexist nature, is fantastic and you can find it, and many more like it and more explicit than it, on Amazon.com.

Maybe this will help with your carpal tunnel syndrome?

Maybe this will help with your carpal tunnel syndrome?

Finish Her!

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