A Serbian Film: The most shocking film out there?

(Above) Srdjan Todorovic

(Above) Srdjan Todorovic

This 2010 film is brought to us by Srdjan Spasojevic and will shock even the most hard-core of horror fans. The main character is a man named Milos (Srdan Todorovic) who is a retired porn star struggling in the cash department. When he is offered a job that will change his financial status he takes it. He believes he is going to be the star of a reality based pornographic art film but is instead projected into a twisted sexual world of snuff films. Right from the get-go things are creepy, with the first shoot taking place in an abandoned children’s hospital. He decides to leave the shoot after being shown a clip of a new-born infant being penetrated. The director alarmingly calls this new-born porn.  However, Milos is too late, after waking up with no memory he soon realises he has done sick things unconsciously. The film goes on to show viewers horrific scenes throughout. During one scene a woman gives birth on-screen rather graphically. She is assisted by a big bald man and the baby is pushed out and into his hands. He then proceeds to pull down his underwear and rape the screaming new-born. Another scene shows a man who has been injected with large doses of a powerful sexual stimulant. He is anally raping  his own young child – who is bleeding  profusely from his anus. This film grotesquely covers multiple taboo subjects; numerous types of rape, incest, new-born porn, pedophilia, necrophilia and more. All this and still this film is audaciously considered art to some people. This is without a doubt the most shocking film to exist, I have never heard of one worse. Although you must create your own opinion about this film I would not recommend it to anyone. I have no idea of the long-term effects of trauma but I’m sure everyone would prefer to avoid flashbacks of this!


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