Help “The Taint” OST go Vinyl!

“The Taint,” a 2010 independent horror-comedy directed by Drew Bolduc, focuses on a tainted water supply that turn men into killer misogynists. The outlandish, and very phallic, film needs your help releasing the amazing soundtrack to “The Taint” on vinyl!

The film has reached an impressive cult status with a following so loyal, so dedicated to the 80’s inspired horror-comedy, that a call for the soundtrack to go vinyl has been heard! The score has been compromised from director Drew Bolduc and features the music of Philip Heesen III, Robert King, Brian Beck, and Chris Bolduc. Haven’t seen the movie to listen to the soundtrack? Well, you don’t need to! Every track on the album has been uploaded to Youtube for your ears’ pleasure. Visit “The Taint’s” Thunderclap page and pledge your unwavering support!

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