Nazis and Allies vs evil! The Devil’s Rock news!

The Devil’s Rock is brand spanking new to this blogger, but my friends over at has posted a trailer and a synopsis of the upcoming World War 2 horror flick.  On the eve of the D-Day invasion upon the beaches of Normandy, France, two special op commandos are sent to scoop out and destroy German gun emplacements on the Channel Islands.  What they discover is more terrifying than they could have ever imaged when the Nazi force commanding the gun emplacement are knee deep in the occult.  Their high command has summoned a demon in hopes to use it for Nazi gain; the demon has other plans.

Craig Hall (30 Days of Night), Matthew Sunderland, Gina Varela and Karlos Drinkwater make up the cast for Paul Campion first feature length film and it looks like a damn good one too!  This does have a very Jennifer’s Body feel too it, but the war aspect should make it ten times better, right?


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