Evil loves to party rock? LMFAO homages 28 Days Later.

This was brought to my attention over the weekend.  The electro-pop duo LMFAO released a single back in 2009 called Party Rock.  What does Party Rock have to do with the world of horror?  Nothing.  However, when you make a music video for it and incorporate a homage to a certain horror movie, than suddenly it has everything to do with horror.  Go figure.

The Party Rock music video takes place in Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later world; streets laced with overturned cars and people act in strange ways.  Instead of chomping the pieces of flesh of uninfected bodies and spewing blood from ever orifice, these “infected” just like to shuffle every day to the Party Rock.  I know, I know I’m a bit late on seeing this music video, but in my defense, LMFAO wasn’t a top choice in music for me at the time.

See what I’m talking about in the music video after the jump!


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