Tropical evil never felt so good! Dead Island news!

Remember that remarkable and emotionally stirring first trailer (see here) for the upcoming Dead Island video game?  The trailer was gut-wrenched full of chaos in where no one was safe.  Techland’s awesome remote island zombie game will turn many heads.  A second trailer has been released and, though not as powerful as the first, still has that taste for the theatric or dramatic, if you will.

After the first trailer released, there wasn’t much time between the trailer and the news floating around about film producers and companies shopping around for the rights to make this bad boy into a full fledged feather-length film.  Though nothing has come about the film yet, the game hasn’t even been released yet as we’re set for an August 1st date.  You can pre-order your Dead Island Xbox 360 or PS3 copies now at!

See the trailer and synopsis after the jump!


Dead Island is a non-linear first-person shooter in which you find yourself on an island plunged into chaos. It’s a place where the word “dead” has an entirely new meaning. Face the nightmare and fight for survival.

Use anything you find in your surroundings as a weapon. Make decisions that influence the entire world around you, take advantage of opponent behavior and game physics, and explore the secrets hidden in the darkest regions of the island

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