Don’t Fuck in the Woods! Indie Film with Great Title!


Today, I came across a film entitled Don’t Fuck in the Woods and if you’re a die hard horror fan, you know that fucking in the woods (or in any horror scenario) will get you killed – reference Scream (1996). The synopsis is simple enough as a group of graduating friends take a debauchery camping trip to celebrate where things go horrifically wrong.

The “creature feature” labeled project is still in the pre-production fundraiser stage with shooting beginning Summer 2014. Writer and director Shawn Burkett has been involved in similar projects such as Midsummer Nightmares, Bludgeon, and Theater of the Deranged II. But what is most appealing about DFITW is the recent casting. Ayse Howard is the first name on the casting list and has worked with Burkett on numerous occasions. Apparently, TheDirty states she is a big slut (), but I’m a positive person and she looks like a great “slut” to hangout with. I see potential nudity written all over her character.

Ayse Howard

Ayse Howard

The second cast member is Suicide Girl Deziree Angel. This gauged out gal will be making her film debut with Don’t Fuck in the Woods. Garuanteed nudity? Who knows? But there is one aspect of her life that I can tell and that is that this Angel doesn’t dig guys and, perhaps, would care for a role where a one-on-one female scene would be required? We could only be so lucky, but I’m glad Angel is branching out from SG and making headlines as an actress.

Diziree Angel (left)

Diziree Angel (left)

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