Upcoming Evil: Legacy of Thorn!

I’m a little behind the ball with this news, but big thanks to producer Anna McCarthy (click here for her bathtub scene here in Slasher House review) for sharing with me the big news that Thorn, a gargantuan serial killer from “Slasher House”, will be getting his own backstory prequel movie entitled “Legacy of Thorn.”

McCarthy’s independent production company MyCho Entertainment Group will be backing the film while “Slasher House” director MJ Dixon is in the director’s seat. A review will be out before the film’s October 27th release! Stay with us and see how “Legacy of Thorn” plays out. Check out the trailer below.


4 years ago on February 29th… Jessica Lawrence and her friends lived a nightmare that has left her pursued from that moment by the unstoppable Killer known as Thorn… Four years on, Jessica and a band of survivors from that night make an attempt to stop him once and for all… but how can you stop what can’t be stopped?


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