Evilstep! Listen to the heavy bass of Figure!


Dubstep + Horror and you have Horrorstep brought to you by electro music sensation Figure who delivers Horrorstep right to your door.  Figure’s real name is Josh Gard and he began his career in 2009 dropping beats that stand with the best in the genre, but Figure had to take it beyond his limits…far FROM BEYOND…his limits.  He incorporates his love for horror into his music and THE THING is that makes Figure a cult favorite is that he doesn’t just half ass his mixes.  Oh no.  Like I said before, he is a heavy weight in his divisional genre.

Figure sends SHOCK WAVES down my spine as I’ve been hooked on The Werewolf (VIP edit) and I’ve been just EATEN ALIVE by this track that I yearn for more blood and beats by Figure.  Figure mixes old school and new school horror into his tracks along with the retrofitted artwork on his album covers – Monsters of Drumstep Vol. 1, Vol. 2 and Vol. 3 and the Destruction Series.  On a cold BLACK SUNDAY, I can’t think of anything else I rather listen to and FROM DUSK TILL DAWN I will be searching the inter-webs, scoring more tracks from Figure – especially from SoundCloud.

Figure – Michael Myers is Dead

I’m waiting for Figure to make his return to the States from Europe to start mixing again and hopefully perform at some local. Until then enjoy these two tracks and visit his SoundCloud and Facebook page and don’t be LAID TO REST by boring electro music!

Figure – The Werewolf (VIP Edit)

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