Layers of Fear. First impression review

Since this game is still in early access and not yet finished, I will wait til it is a finished product then do a full review. 

Layers of Fear is a first person horror game that came out in early access on Steam. You play as a insane artist who walks through his own mind to discover what happened in his life.

After playing what is available in the game, all I can say is that this game has some GREAT potential. Layers of Fear has to be one of the most unique horror games I have played in a long time and I will go into detail on why I loved it.

Gameplay: The game is set in a first person perspective . There are no enemies and no combat, you simply walk through the area and move on, kind of like a haunted house attraction. I will say the gameplay is heavily inspired by P.T. So if you’re familiar with P.T. then this won’t feel all too different.

Graphics: The game’s visual are just flat out amazing. There is just so much detail in the environment, so much that it got me to looking and admiring the surroundings before moving on. The game runs on the Unity engine, which surprised me because I thought this game ran on the Unreal engine. This game is by far the best looking horror game I have seen on Unity and should be a great example on how to use Unity to make a game.

Atmosphere: This game has so much tension and that is how it should be. Every hallway I walked, every corner I turned I was very cautious and ready for what was coming. The game can even make you paranoid, which is good since this game is meant to be psychological horror. I just always felt like something was watching me.

Performance: Since this game is in early access, there are some performance issues. The game has a very choppy framerate. One area you will be at 40fps then the next area it will drop at 12fps. Even with the framerate drops, it is still very much playable so If you meet the system requirements then you shouldn’t have a problem. Just make sure to be patient until they optimize the game a bit more.

So there is my first impression of Layers of Fear. I highly recommend the game to any survival horror fan and I can’t wait to see what the developers do next.

Layers of Fear is on Steam for $9.99.


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