DVD Announcement! 6 Plots on October 4th!


Lionsgate Home Entertainment presents “6 Plots” starring Andrew Clarke, Alice Darling, and Ryan Corr (Wolf Creek 2) onto a Rated-R DVD, On Demand, and Digital Download this October 4th!


After passing out at a party, Brie wakes up to a strange phone message: a lunatic has abducted her six friends and buried them in boxes around the city. Each box has its own deadly terror — water, gasoline, insects — waiting to kill its occupant. To add to the sadistic thrills, the killer is streaming footage of the trapped kids on the Internet — and to each other. Forbidden to call parents or police, Brie must use her wits to locate her friends’ six death traps before their time runs out.

DVD Special Features

· “The Making of 6 Plots” Featurette

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Trailer: The Canal

David life is perfect. He has a beautiful wife and a wonderful, young boy. When David discovers that his home has an ugly past of ghastly murders, that’s when things start to fall a part. His marriage falls through the cracks and he begins to lose his sanity which he blames everything on an entity that lives in his house – the entity in the form of the murderer whom he believes committed the heinous murders at the turn-of-the-century.

I’m not one for overseas ghost films, but “The Canal” looks sharp and really seems to get into your mind, questioning whether David is actually seeing a ghost or he might really be going insane.

“The Canal” hits select theaters, iTunes, and VOD October 10th and starring “Hellboy’s” Rupert Evans.