Evil Toys: Wonder Goblin!

Are you a big toy collector? Then you might want to check out this limited edition release of the Wonder Goblin! Director and sculptor James Sizemore (director of The Demon’s Rook which you can read the Its Bloggin’ Evil review here) designs a Halloween candy thieving Goblin out of a bubblegum pink resin. Rachel De Urioste molds and casts the 3-inch winged-creature and then painted in detail with a black wash by illustrator Nala Katze.

Currently priced at $30, these candy hoarding, cave dwelling Goblins won’t be around long! Head over to Wondergoblin.com and indulge yourself. Check out all of the great work from independent artists James Sizemore, Rachel De Urioste, and Nala Katze; a group of colorful, grotesque-lovin’, and highly-experienced, artists with a ton of rich talent just ready to be tapped into.

The Wonder Goblin toy is accompanied with cardback artwork and a few candy treasures.

Evil Bobble Head! Zombie!!!

Now this item will go fast! Aggronautix.com has for pre-order a collector’s item that you can’t resist – a Lucio Fulci ZOMBIE bobble head!!! This 7-inch tall, polyresin bobble head is a limited edition 1,000 count figurine that will be include a numbered packaging and will ship out April 23rd. The price isn’t too shabby at all either with a $24.98 price tag at Aggronautix.com. Check it below.