Slender Man is creeping his way on to console!


Thought you escaped Slender man? NOPE! There is no escaping this highly popular creepypasta entity. Today it was announced that PC horror game Slender: The Arrival will be making its way on to the Playstation 3 and XBOX 360. If you have played Slender man the eight pages than this one is going to be very different. The game is in first person perspective and takes place in a small town that seems to be haunted by the Slender man and the game play focuses on mystery/puzzle solving.

This is very interesting because lately it seems that PC only games that come to console are only coming to 8th generation systems (XBOX ONE, PS4 etc.) So this game coming to Playstation 3 and XBOX 360 is really cool and I honestly can’t wait for it!

Slender: The Arrival will release on Playstation 3 and XBOX 360 as a digital download on September 23.

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