Fear The Future. Metro: 2033 Review


Well here I am doing another late review, this one being 5 years late but I just finished my first playthrough of the game and I feel the game needs more publicity since it still isn’t that well known. Before we go on with the review I want to tell the reader that there is a HD remaster version of this game on PC, PS4, and XBOX ONE. This review will not include that version. Review will only be on the version released back in 2010.

Metro: 2033 is a post-apocalyptic survival horror game. Developed by 4A Games and published by THQ on March 2010. The game is based on the science fiction novel by Dmitry Gluhvsky. The game takes place in Moscow in the year 2033, 20 years after a nuclear war that has devastated the world and has forced the survivors to live in the Moscow metro stations.

Since the game’s release I never thought much of it. I thought it was just a cheap game trying to get success after Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas, I never even heard a single person talk about it. When the sequel Metro last light was coming out I started to hear more about Metro 2033 and that it was good. I was still not sold but of course I guess waiting proved to be good since I got this game free a few months ago during a giveaway. So I finally downloaded it on steam and started playing. While playing I started to have regret for not picking this game up sooner, I was totally immersed into the game. First I would like to talk about the atmosphere of the game, It is amazing, one of the best atmospheric games I have ever played. From the old, dark metro stations to the silent, scorched surface of Moscow. Everything around you made the experience of the game very enjoyable, especially the feeling of sadness and gloom I had while on the surface looking at a destroyed city and wondering what it was like before the apocalypse.



Game play is simple and easy to learn, pretty much feels like a standard shooter but as for difficulty this game can be brutal. Even on normal difficulty I had a very hard time at certain moments and If you plan to play on ranger mode then you better hope you have a tolerance for dying over and over. Now for what you can do in the game is limited. Through your journey you will stop at multiple stations where you’ll be able to purchase or sell equipment. You can trade in ammo for currency, buy supplies, and buy better modified weapons which can fit your certain play style. You want to hide in the shadows and be stealthy? Buy a suppressed revolver or sub machine gun or if you are a shooter then buy the bad ass automatic shotgun machine gun thing. In the metro of course there are hostiles both mutants and humans that you will have to fight through. You have your standard mutants who crawl through the metro hunting you down. Then you have your Nazi and Soviet parties both at war with each other over different stations.



The graphics are very well down, the environments are detailed and very nice to look at. NPC characters do look generic but none of it really effects the game. Now if you planning to play this game on PC please check the requirements for the game as it is a little demanding. I had to put the game on low settings just to get a decent frame rate. But if you do not have a decent PC then I would say try it out on XBOX 360

So for my final thoughts on Metro 2033 I’m going to give it a 8/10 score. It is a very good game, not much of a horror but a damn good science fiction. I highly recommend this game to people who love post-apocalyptic movies, games, books, etc. It is an amazing title. Before you play this title I must tell you, If you want the best experience of this game then please switch the language to Russian with american subtitles and have it atleast on normal. I promise you, you will be immersed in the game like I was.

Metro: 2033 (Original version) is only on PC, and XBOX 360

Good Night, Good Luck. Dying Light is out now!



The most anticipated zombie game of the year is now out! Dying Light is a first person zombie horror game that takes place in a overrun city that has been blocked off from the outside world. Survivors must work together or fight against each other to reach the air drop supply crates in order to survive.

Dying Light is now available on XBOX ONE, Playstation 4, and PC

Freddy is ready, are you? Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 on Steam Greenlight

Well here we go again people, the third installment in this highly popular PC horror game series is coming to steam! The game’s story takes place thirty years after the events of the first game. From the look of it, it seems there is only going to be one animatronic character coming after you.


No release date has been confirmed but here is the greenlight page for anyone who would like to vote on it.


Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 is coming.



Well fans of Five Nights at Freddy’s I hope you are ready for more Freddy. Yes the third installment of Five Nights at Freddy’s has been confirmed and is currently in development. I’m still not sure if I will ever play these games, I am just not into jump scare only games but they do have an interesting story to them.

Until the third one comes out you can get FNAF for $4.99 and FNAF2 for $7.99

Grab your night vision cameras!! Outlast 2 confirmed



Red Barrels has confirmed that they are working on a sequel to the 2013 first person survival horror game Outlast. Not much information has been given about the sequel, but what we’ve been told is that it will take place in a different location and feature new characters. Outlast has also been confirmed to be released on XBOX ONE, Playstation 4, and PC. Until that time comes, make sure you head over to Steam, PSN, or Xbox live and grab the first Outlast for $19.99.