Evil Review: The Evil Within

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So I was going to do a video review of this on our Youtube channel but I just haven’t had the time to record or edit so I’ll just write my review here. Before the review I’ll like to wish all of you a Happy Halloween! Watch horror movies or do what I’ll do tonight, play horror games! Anyway lets talk about The Evil Within, this game had to be my most anticipated game of the year. I was so excited when I heard that Shinji Mikami was coming back to horror, that I could hardly wait. For those who don’t know who Shinji is, he is the original director of the Resident Evil games, he pretty much created Resident Evil but unfortunately his last one was Resident Evil 4 and I’m sure you can tell it was his last because all Resident Evil games after that were terrible. So Shinji has put together his own development team, partnered up with Bethesda and gave us The Evil Within.

In the game you play as Sebastian Castellanos, a detective of the Krimson city police department. After a dispatch call, Sebastian and his team go to investigate a gruesome massacre at the Beacon Mental hospital but is later lured into a nightmarish world. The first thing you’ll notice in the game is that the graphics are very well done. The lighting is probably the best I’ve seen in a horror game and it sets the mood very well in the environment around you. Character and monster designs are excellent, environments were detailed and gritty, and the gore physics oh the gore physics were awesome! If you love blood and guts then this game has it, but If you can’t handle the sight of it well then there is an option for you lower the blood but wheres the fun in that?

Character development in the game is good but VERY limited, you won’t learn shit about the characters unless you collect documents scattered throughout the game. Sebastian’s back story only unfolds through documents and letters you find and the same goes for the main antagonist Ruvik, who may I add is my favorite character in the game. He is voiced by Jackie Earle Haley and he does a fantastic job. Ruvik also acts as the nemesis of the game, if you have played Resident Evil 3 and you remember that nemesis would chase you at random moments of the game, well Ruvik will do the same. He will randomly spawn in the world and chase your character. The story of the game is very unique but It is confusing as hell, you will not know ANYTHING about the game on your first play through. You will need to research and play through the game several times to understand the story.

Now this game is BRUTAL it is hard, if you think this game is easy and you can get through it without dying well your wrong. You will die a lot in this game, it is punishing and some times just plain out fucking you up. Minor enemies of the game can be difficult, even in small groups they can over power you, I can say that I have died a total of 65 times in the entire game and there is a total of 15 chapters. There is an upgrade system in the game where you can upgrade your weapons, abilities, inventory, etc. In order for you to upgrade your character you will need ”green gel” which you get as rewards for defeating enemies and bosses.

For everything that is good about this game there are of course some minor things I didn’t much care for. First thing is that there is a season pass. Now I hate when companies announce downloadable content before the game is even released and they try to sell us a season pass. You can thank games like Battlefield with it’s Premium passes and Call of duty for my hatred of season passes. But the good thing about the Evil Within’s season pass is that you get three upcoming expansions for $20 so I have to admit that’s pretty good. The second thing that isn’t really a bad thing but it just threw me off is that the game is always in a widescreen mode. Like when you play a DVD and it’ll ask you if you want to watch in wide screen, well that’s what the game is doing. It has a bar up top and a bar at the bottom, not sure why they added this, I guess for a more cinematic experience but either way I hope they patch it to where you can disable it. Now the the thing that I’m really getting tired of seeing in horror games, especially Resident Evil is the damn chainsaw enemies. I’m so sick of chainsaw enemies I know that they were scary in Resident Evil 4 but they just aren’t scary anymore because Capcom milked that same tactic over and over again. I hope Shinji doesn’t bring back these stupid chainsaw enemies in a sequel. The final problem I had with the game is it’s lack off true horror. It may have a creepy atmosphere but for a veteran horror gamer like me, it just didn’t deliver that feeling of terror and fear of what will happen next.

Before I give my personal rating of the game I’m going to change how I rate these games. So now I will rate them from 1 to 10 so for the The Evil Within I’m going to give it a very high 8/10. It is a very good game and it is worth playing, especially if your a big Shinji Mikami fan like me.

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