Allison Road. A Silent Hills replacement?


Many horror fans were heart broken after hearing the cancellation of Silent Hills. I know many people are still in mourning an are trying to pressure Konami into giving in. We shouldn’t feel all too bad though as there is another game that looks like it can fill in the empty void of our hearts.

Allison Road, is an upcoming first person, survival horror game being developed by a small UK studio called Lilith Ltd. The game has passed Steam’s Greenlight program and on its way. No released date has been confirmed but here is some in-game footage from their official Youtube channel.

From the video you can see how the game is very similar to the P.T. demo and I have high hopes for this. I was so excited about Silent Hills and since its cancellation, I hope this game helps us through the grieving process.

Allison Road will be coming to PC sometime in 2016. No news on a console version at this time.

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