PuniTy: P.T. lives on!

Hell yes! P.T. still lives… well sorta. An awesome fan has remade the P.T. hallway on the Unity engine and it looks fantastic. The demo was developed from scratch simply going off Youtube videos and I must say this is just so fucking awesome.


Everything in the demo stays true to how the original P.T. was. From movement and sound to the environment and even Lisa herself!

The demo is free to all so please, if you didn’t get to play P.T. go play it now!

Link: http://www.the-outline.com/portfolio/punity-pt-hallway-recreation/

It’s amazing that this person took the time to make this . It keeps P.T. alive in some way forever and gives everyone who don’t have a PS4 to go and try it. What I love most is that dumb fuck Konami can’t do shit about it since the author makes no profit from it, and Konami will have no legal ground to take it away. So I will say what i said a million times before and I’ll say it again. FUCK YOU KONAMI!

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