2014 Halloween Commercial #8 – Progressive – Nightmare Dummy

The Progressive Halloween commercial is more funny than chilling, but the dummy is spot on perfect and can be concluded to be an homage to Magic starring Sir Anthony Hopkins and other films…check it out and see for yourself.

2014 Halloween Commercial #7: IKEA – The Shinning

Number seven Halloween commercial comes to us all the way from Singapore. IKEA dives into horror inspirations and pulls out a Stanley Kubrick The Shining reference and it is fantastic.

The commercial has a small boy mimicking an all too familiar and famous scene with the boy and his big wheel trike. Take notice of the small easter eggs along the boys ride until he reaches the twins!

This is a good use of reference to market IKEA’s massive, maze-like store while paying tribute to a horror classic.

2014 Halloween Commercial #6: Snickers Horseless Headsman.

Another Headless Horseman commercial. Man, this icon is popular this year. I saw this little gem for a Snicker’s commercial while on my way up to Montreal. Short, yet still funny.

2014 Horror Commercials #5: Snickers – ‘Satisface tu Hallowen” (Spanish)

Since it seems that Halloween-horror inspired commercials are scarce this year, I went else where to find a great commercial coming from the Spanish culture. The commercial is for Snickers and has a bit of an exorcists feel to it and, frankly, I can see why something like a neck twisting possessed demon wouldn’t make the U.S. commercial cut.

Check it out!

2014 Halloween Commercial: Skittles – ‘Skittlesweb’

One of my favorite Halloween commercials so far is by Skittles and their #skittlesweb commercial. Giant spiders are always creepy, but in this extended commercial (i’ve only seen the short version on TV) it’s quite funny and creepy at the same time.