2014 Halloween Commercial #6: Snickers Horseless Headsman.

Another Headless Horseman commercial. Man, this icon is popular this year. I saw this little gem for a Snicker’s commercial while on my way up to Montreal. Short, yet still funny.

The Walking Dead – A Bad Lip Read!

The Walking Dead is back! Well, not until October, but a bad lip reading parody of hit AMC show about zombies has been released and it’s freakin’ hilarious. Check it out below!

#ScarePrank – Mutant Giant Spider Dog!

The latest scare prank is delivered by the cutest dog you’ll ever lay your eyes on. The Dog’s named Chica, her own is Polish prankster SA Wardęga, and they reek havoc among unsuspecting victims wandering the night. In the shadows of darkness lies the Mutant Giant Spider Dog!