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At least it wasn’t the dinosaurs that got’em. Richard Attenborough, famed British actor, beloved character in Jurassic Park, dead at 90 years old.

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Well…what the fuck.

I’m at a loss of words. Rest in piece Robin Williams. I really wish it didn’t come to suicide.

Dead at 63.


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Comedy has lost one of the greats – a Ghostbuster – Harold Ramis (aka Egon Spengler). Ramis died yesterday due to an autoimmune disease. Ghostbusters I and II are staples in the horror comedy world and Egon Spengler is an iconic character we all loved even with his quirks. RIP Egon.


RIP Harold Ramis


Evil Dead. RIP Jess Franco.

I’m sad to say that yesterday, April 2, 2013, one of the greatest Spanish Sexploitation director passed away at the grand ole age of 82. The grandfather of horror and sex cinematic gold directed over 200 films and directed famous stars such as Christopher Lee (Count Dracula) and spreading his skin films across the international board.

While most of the time the money was no available, Jess Franco made movies that entertained and captured people interests using three important components – sex, blood, and horror. The cause of death is still unknown.