Teaser: Lesbian “Vampyres” Remake!


How did I miss this remake of the 1974 film “Vampyres” where a lesbian couple abducts people, both male and female, and hold them captive in their countryside manor in order to kill and feed off their blood.

I learned today that a teaser trailer was released for the Victor Matellano 2014 remake and it looks glorious. The essence of an erotic horror looks captured along with a lot of hardcore throw-in scenes for good measure. José Ramón Larraz co-wrote the film with Matellano. Larraz is the original director and one of the co-writers of the original.

Caroline Munro (Maniac, Slaughter High), Fele Martinez (Darkness). May Heatherly (Cannibal Apocalypse, Pieces), and Lone Fleming (Tombs of the Blind Dead) star.

Be careful at work – this is NSFW!

Video Vileness: Lady Killers Delivers Sexy Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger!

Ladies! Listen up! If you need a last minute Halloween costume idea, than watch this Nerdist presented video where a very sexy and blonde Freddy Krueger battles a boobtastic brunette Jason Voorhees in a slasher showdown winner takes the nerdy, sleep deprived shop clerk. Adrianne Curry and Abby Dark-Star star as Freddy and Jason.

You’re welcome.