Resident Evil Revelations 2. Is Capcom finally listening to their fans?






Well it seems Capcom is crawling back to its loyal horror fan base, but will we welcome them back with open arms? We can all agree that the latest Resident Evil games they have given us have been complete shit and has frustrated us to the point where we would just say ”fuck it” and stop playing. Today Capcom has announced Resident Evil Revelations 2. Nope, no Resident Evil 7 guess we’ll have to wait, but in the meantime we will have this sequel to the first Revelations game. No word on if this will be a direct sequel or an entirely different story but all we have right now about the game is a teaser trailer and one screenshot.

To be honest the trailer looks really good and gives me hope that the series may go back to its roots. Though i wish this wasn’t a sequel to the first Revelations, I feel that it doesn’t deserve a sequel, don’t get me wrong I liked the first Revelations, but to me it seems that there shouldn’t be a continuation.


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