Kevin Bacon and the Evil Cult! The Following (Eps. 7 review)

Joe Carroll is out! The killer has made his dramatic escape by using his scared to death prey. Ryan Hardy can’t keep up with Carroll and his following, always being one, sometimes to one, behind. Unlike the previous episode, episode seven omits the twists and turns; instead, the focus on death, escape, and incarceration – and not just by Carroll.

We’re exposed to more of Carroll’s connections who, like him, are deeply disturbed and very calm about their whole mentally distraught situation. We’re also discovering that each follower has a specific skill set – Charlie expert in covert recon or Linda who can slice you up without you even knowing – and each have this part to play as I mentioned before in previous reviews.


I expect that the next episode will contain more chaos under uncontrolled circumstances. Now with Carroll out of the federal prison system, he’ll wreak more havoc and sure put Hardy in the hot seat. The next episode seems to have the followers and Carroll put the FBI in their sights. Will one of the main characters bite it? We’ll see!

Walking Dead yourself as a Walker!

Meet Zombie Steve

Meet Zombie Steve

Turn yourself into a Walker….I did….and I didn’t even have to get bit. ¬†

Bates Gets Evil! American Horror Story 3 News!

When you couldn’t believe American Horror Story couldn’t get any better or darker for that matter, it was just announced that season three added Kathy Bates to the cast! The Misery star will be the antagonist and best friend to Jessica Lange’s newest character. The rest of the cast includes Lily Rabe, Evan Peters, Taissa Farmiga, Sarah Paulson, and Frances Conroy – whom all are returning to reconstruct new characters.

The new season will shoot in the Summer and be ready by October! Can’t wait!