Revenge is an Evil Dish Best Served Cold! “Gelosia – Vendetta D’amore” review!

After Thomas’ voluptuous wife’s immaculate beauty falls victim to a horrifying and scarring fiery car accident, the sex-addicted womanizer, fueled by a constant stream of strong alcohol, dumps his maimed wife and obsessively hops from one unchaste woman to next, but in the darkest shadows lurks a hidden danger toward his newfound, unrestricted fast and loose lifestyle. A sinister plot of revenge against him begins to quickly unravel and Thomas’ stretch of unscrupulous carnal behavior is about to be ‘cut’ short because, as the ancient saying goes, “hell has no fury like a woman scored.”
Alberto Barone’s vengeful sex-thriller “Gelosia: Vendetta D’Amore” is a short film laced with irrepressible desires and consequences, doused in pure hatred and nihilism, and packaged as a vibrant grindhouse homage garnished with a tightly-knotted black bow. Milton Welsh stars as Thomas, a man on a bulldozing sexcapade, and with Welsh’s raspy, baritone voice and slick back, greasy hair makes him, on screen, the perfect, middle-aged creep, hooking up with the shameless, uninhibited women. The German born Welsh has indistinguishable looks and talents with the impeccable “Doom” and Rob Zombie “31” actor Richard Brake that brings a lot of despicable enjoyment to not only the performance, but also with the monologue by Welsh throughout the short film. Welsh’s previous credits include the 2011 remake of “Conan the Barbarian,” “Aeon Flux,” and, one of my personal favorite Norman Reedus films, “Antibodies.”
Welsh’s performing cohorts makeup solely of very well-endowed, very offensive-embracing women that include a porn star, a dominatrix, and a couple of veteran genre actresses starting with the Southern France born Manoush (actress in Marian Dora’s “Cannibal,” “Philosophy of a Knife,” and, most recently, “The Curse of Doctor Wolffenstein”) as Heidi, Thomas’ discarded wife. This dominating role didn’t feel quite right, slightly forced, from the possibility of this role not being in Manoush’s native tongue, constraining the gushes of violent emotions that should be exploding from within the character outward. Manoush directly interacts alongside “German Angst’s” Kristina Kostiv, as a very seductive Eastern European escort girl in a manner that blurs the motivations of the characters, but we’ll discuss that later in this review. Rest of the cast fills every man’s, sometime woman’s, prominent fantasy with sacrilegious Nunspolitation and naughty nerd girl scenario roles, respectively donned by Tara Rubin and German porn star Lana Vegas. Both Rubin and Vegas steal from “Gelosia’s” root message with their provocative performances that leave almost nothing to the imagination. Tattoo model Alexa van Unique gets kinky in a brief scene of dominance that’s short and sweet and gets the message across.
“Gelosia” is Italian for Jealousy, but Alberto Barone’s written and directed film doesn’t hit hard with one of humanities irrational and vile attributes. More in line with the subtitle of “Vendetta d’Amore,” aka Revenge of Love, Barone tells two-stories: One of the monologuing, sex addict that objectifies women more than he wishes to understand them and a vengeful wife with a dastardly plot of deadly retribution against him. I just don’t see jealousy as the major player this short film is titled after and that, at least for me, dilutes much of the radical content supporting the story including the naked women, the gruesome violence, and the admirable cinematography.
“Gelosia: Vendetta d’Amore” is sexy with shock value. Produced by Ingravisione, the exploitation thriller seeks to debut in late 2017! Overall, Barone’s ultra-exploitation leaves an indifferent residue with me as I’m still hung up on a few difficult to ignore hiccups, but I love the short’s perverse freedom as a whole that’s vivid and modern while staying classic in style. “Gelosia: Vendetta d’Amore” is starting to hit festivals as I type this, bringing all the castrations and sex to an arthouse theater near you!


AMC’s “The Walking Dead” S5Ep1 ‘No Sanctuary’

Comic-Con Trailer: The Walking Dead: Season 5 (Screengrab)
“The Walking Dead” is back, finally!  Season 5’s premiere episode is the critically acclaimed show’s best yet starting right off where we left in the last episode in season four.  ‘No Sanctuary’ is gruesomely heart felt where scene after scene gore and emotion.  There were so many gut wrench scenes that play havoc on all the areas of your brain that you don’t know whether to cringe or cry.

Rick and friends are locked in a train held hostage by Terminus hostiles. You can bet your ass that this episode is about the group trying to escape among other story line tangents like Carol and Tyreese figuring out what to do with baby Judith. Rick’s is on the edge looking for blood and revenge while the others passive methods keep Rick grounded. There is a great parallel between Terminus group and Rick’s group and that could prove costly our heros in future episodes.

Abraham Ford, Sasha, and Eugene are still trying to make their virus ending trek to Washington. The Eugene character is still a mystery to us all because he carries himself as a mullet sporting ‘scientist’ who has played one too many role playing games in his mother’s basement. Abraham follows Eugene blindly and I think Sasha just follows Abraham because she’s wants ride on his handle bar mustache (just sayin’). The three have some sort of secret that the rest of the group doesn’t know yet, but I’m sure more will come to light in later episodes.

Special effects guru and director of ‘No Sanctuary’ Greg Nicotero has a bag of new tricks for audiences this season. When you think there was enough blood in a season, this very first episode had probably outdone all the rest of the season’s combined. Ruthless intentions, compelling dynamics, and exploding zombie parts! Check out after credits to reveal a surprise reprisal of a form character! Get ready to geek out with your inner zombie out!

SILENT HILLS: New Silent Hill game with Norman Reedus!!


Some very exciting news was revealed yesterday at Gamescom 2014 when Konami announced that a ”playable trailer” is on PSN for people to download. The demo was later revealed to be a teaser for the upcoming horror game Silent Hills.

Game creator Hideo Kojima has teamed up with filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro on this project and the game will be starring Norman Reedus as the main protagonist.

It hasn’t been announced if the game is a reboot or the next Silent Hill but we will see. The project so far has only been announced for Playstation 4.